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We are Authorised Distributors Of Young Buhmwoo India Company Pvt Ltd ( Korea ) •Cutting Oil •Hydraulic Oil • Automotive Oil •Gear Oil • Grease #we-are- leading-suppliers-of-industrial lubricants | #Cutting-Oil- Vadodara | #Hydraulic-Oil-Vadodara |
We manufacture a wide range of Hydraulic Pallet Trolley for various lifting and moving purposes. These products are widely appreciated for their outstanding features and can be availed in wide range of loading capacity. We expertise in manufacturing Hydraulic Pallet Trucks with a loading capacity up to 2500 kg and are extremely suitable for loading, un-loading and lifting applications in Warehouses, Shops and Factories. In addition, the Hydraulic Pallet Trucks manufactured by us are also offered on custom basis as per the clients' exact requirements. Moreover, we also provide these trucks with highly durable nylon wheels, polyutherane wheels, rubber wheel and cast iron wheels to give them an extra grip on the surface. #We-are-Leading-manufacturer-and-supplier-of-Pallet-Trolley-in-vadodara-gujarat |
Fire Extngusher Fire is a rapid chemical reaction of oxidant with fuel accompanied by the release of energy, indicated by incandescence or flame. For a fire to happen, the following elements are essential • • Oxidiser to sustain combustion. • Heat to reach ignition temperature. • Fuel or combustible material. This results in a chemical chain reaction which starts a fire. Removing any of these elements will extinguish the fire. we are leading suppliers of Fire Extngusher in vadodara. Gujarat, india,
Operating Features AFO Fireball Conventional Fire Extinguishers Activation It is the only portable fire extinguishing device in the world that Auto Activates when comes into contact with fire ! Must be manually operated in order to function. Alarm AFO burst effect upon activation also emits a loud fire-alert sound of 138db points, creating an effective fire alert to surrounding people. No fire-alert activation when fire-breakout. Thus, fire doubles in size every minute without warning to the surrounding people. Weight Extremely light (1.3kg), AFO is the only fire extinguisher in the world that is handy enough for use by females, elderly citizens or even children. Heavy, averaging about 10kg to 15kg including contents. Economy AFO is uniquely designed to avoid re-filling of powder, etc, with long durable maintenance free life span of 5 years (tropical zone) and 3 years (cool zone), saving time, cost and hassle to upkeep such devices. Periodic maintenance cost Safety Don’t have to get close to fire, just roll into fire from a distance for activation. Need to maintain close proximity with the fire, aiming at the base of fire is a must. We are Leading suppliers of Fire Extinguisher ball in vadodara Gujarat
g safety solutions vadodara EXPERT & PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL APPROACH HIGHT QUALITY WORK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-vadodara | #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-bharuch | #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-vapi | #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-ahmedabad |
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Load Caring helmet Colour - Yellow / Blue #we-are-leading-suppliers-of-load-caring-helmets | #we-are-leading-suppliers-of-load-caring-helmet-in-Vadodara | #we-are-leading-suppliers-of-load-caring-helmet-in-bharuh | #we-are-leading-suppliers-of-load-caring-helmet-in-Dahej | #we-are-leading-suppliers-of-load-caring-helmet-in-Ankleshwar |
STANDARDS : Certified according to the ISI 15298 PART-2 Standards. TOE CAP: Certified Steel Toe (ISI) 200 J Capacity (With rubber bend & cardboard) LEATHER : Black buffalo Grain Din leather (1.8 – 2.0 MM Thickness) Barton printed breathable leather SOLE : Injected PU/PU sole Double Density , Anti - slip & Non - marking Sole, Heat resistant up to (175 degree Celsius in Pu Sole) Oil, Acid & Alkali, Hydrocarbon resistant according to the SRC standard Energy absorption in the heel part (Anti Shock). ANTISTATIC : Antistatic inner & outer sole according to ISI, Electrical resistance > 100 K? & ≤ 1000 M? LINING : High quality air mesh lining , 100% Waterproof and breathable ELECTRICAL : 14 KVA. (IN Fiber Toe) (125 J Capacity) Weight : 820 GMS SIZES AVAILABLE : (IND - 5 to 12) Warranty : 12 month Manufacturing defect from the date of invoice #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-vadodara #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-bharuch #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-vapi #we -are-leading-service-provider-of-safety-equipment-in-ahmedabad